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Barcode SERVER-Barcode REMOTE

Turn your Android© mobile phone on a barcode remote reader.

The codes will you scan directly to your Windows© application using your wireless network.

This saves on expensive scanners bluetooth or Wifi©.

How it works:

The solution consists of two programs. One is installed on your android phone or tablet that has camera, the program scan the barcode and sends them to a second server program, minimized works under Windows and is responsible to write the bar code in any application that we currently open.

Installation Instructions:

1º Download the Windows version at this link;

2º Install the program on your computer where you have an application where we want to send the codes scanned.

3º Once installed run it (it is possible that the windows firewall or others warn us of an attempt to access a port or communications network and we indicate I do wish to allow such access), the program is minimized, we go to the application where we want to get bar codes.

At this time, the PC is already waiting to receive bar codes, the following steps are with mobile phone.

4º Download the application from Google® Android Play Store seeking «Barcode Remote» or follow this link: Barcode Remote

5º Configure the following data: IP, port, command before bar code, Command after bar code. The IP has to be the one with the PC where the server program. If we can not know maximize the server program to know which is the IP that is awarded this computer. The port number must be the same in both programs, initially the port number is 890. Just change it if it is already in use. Commands are special keys that will be sent automatically before or after sending the bar code. In the example image, the system will send the barcode and then press Tab. You can send all kinds of keys, numbers, letters and special keys.

6º Having defined all we can use it by pressing «Scan». (When scanning for the first time ask you to install from the Play Store the control module barcode, take this facility).

Tips and warnings:

The system uses a standard module capture bar code. this system works well when you use the phone features a camera with autofocus quality.

At Barcode-Server, if we change the port you must first «Stop listening», change the port number and enable «Listen». The port will be recorded for subsequent uses.

In the PC which runs the server module, it is possible that certain antivirus observe the program behavior similar to certain viruses. This is normal since the program´s work is to look at a port and send it receives from the keyboard buffer. Ignore or nullify such notice.

If no communication, change the port in the two programs.

If you continue without communication, disable the antivirus temporarily. If it works go to the antivirus settings where you add port exceptions. Add permission for the port being used at that time. Re-enable the antivirus.


Barcode Server: Windows 7 or higher.
Barcode Remote: Android 1.6 device or higher with autofocus camera.

Sending keys or commands:

Can be sent before or after the bar code all those characters and special intersen us. For example, if we are sending codes to program budgets like this:

It would be interesting that after sending the barcode are sent two presses of the Tab key, press «1» for quantity, and five presses of the Tab key to focus on the program back to the first field (the code) to waiting for the next catch bar code. Therefore, in our mobile we set the «Command after bar code:» in the following sequence:

{TAB} {TAB} 1 {TAB} {TAB} {TAB} {TAB} {TAB}

The complete table of special keys can be seen here.

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